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How does the SuperPro split strap work?
The split strap is unique to our SuperPro model, and it's quite simple to use.
View an illustrated demo HERE and a video HERE.

Do you guys make all this stuff yourselves?
You bet we do. They're our bags, and we take their quality and durability very seriously.
When bags come back for repair the same people who made them, fix them.
New hires must work their way up through all of the components before we let them work on building bags
I received a bag as a gift. Can it still be customized?
It can! Give us a call (603.292.6485). We'll be happy to tell you what customizations your bag can accommodate.

I have this great idea for a bag! Will you make it for me?
Sadly, we must say no. The costs compared to the return never balances out.
We do offer custom features that can be added to our bags, so you can individualize them to your needs.
Can I wash my bag?
You can! We recommend a three-step process:
• First, try spot cleaning with a mild detergent and cool water. Let the spot dry.
• If that doesn't work, try a full soak. Put the bag in cool water with a mild detergent. Swish it around a bit. Rinse in a similar manner. Let the bag air dry.
• If that doesn't work, the last resort is to try putting your bag in a washing machine on a gentle or hand-wash cycle, again with cool water and a mild detergent. Let the bag air dry.
A few notes: Never expose the bag to very hot temperatures in the washing process.
Do not wash in hot water. Do not put in the dryer. The heat will permanently wear the fabric.
Your bag will soften after washing – much like jeans do when they are washed.